Ratlets and Meecels


As you can see Pootle is a sleeping ratlet who looks a little the worse for wear!  Despite this, I think he’s rather handsome!


  • From the top of his ears to the bottom of his toes Pootle measures 6.5"/16.5cm but if you include his tail he's 11.75”/30cm. (Approximately)
  • Plum coloured short pile Sassy fabric mohair.
  • Lightweight mulberry coloured ultra suede inner ears and pads.
  • 5 way traditional cotter pin jointed.
  • Shiny black glass eyes with hand painted eye lids.
  • Black glass nose.
  • Unruly purple cotton whiskers.
  • Needle sculpted face.
  • Filled with heavy polyester fibre filling and flat steel micro discs.
  • There is a quality hangtag around his neck with a Swarovski crystal attached, and a Jenni Bears name tag sewn into his back.
  • Red heart shaped button sewn into his ear.
  • Sewn in a smoke free household.
  • Pootle is not a toy and is unsuitable for little people under 14.