Ratlets and Meecels


Pansy is Petunia’s twin sister and they are made from the same two materials, but in reverse.  She’s slightly smaller than her twin, so is probably the younger of the two.  Like Petunia, she likes nothing more than having a snooze.


  • 6.5”/16.5cm from the tips of her ears to her toes. (Approximately)
  • African violet coloured medium pile Sassy fabric.
  • Short pile wild lilac coloured Sassy fabric with iridescent guard hairs inner ears and pads.
  • 5 way traditional cotter pin jointed.
  • Shiny black hand painted glass eyes and a black nose.
  • Needle sculpted face.
  • Slight unruly lilac cotton whiskers
  • Filled with heavy polyester fibre filling and flat steel micro discs, she is quite a heavy ratlet.
  • There is a quality hangtag around her neck with a Swarovski crystal attached, and a Jenni Bears name tag sewn into her back.
  • Red heart shaped button sewn into her back.
  • Sewn in a smoke free household.
  • Pansy is not a toy and is unsuitable for little people under 14.