Manhattan is the last of the Cocktail Bears where I matched the colour of the mohair to reflect the colour of the cocktail. Apart from his head, the other joints are all wobble joints which gives him a very floppy relaxed feel. Makes you wonder if he’s been secretly drinking too many cocktails….


  • 5”/12.75cm when sitting down.. (Approximately)
  • Medium length dense rosewood coloured alpaca.
  • Matching burgundy paws and pads.
  • 4 way wobble jointed and 1 traditional cotter pin joint.
  • Shiny black glass eyes.
  • Scissor trimmed muzzle.
  • Hand embroidered black nose.
  • He wears an I ?? New York sash. 
  • Filled with heavy polyester fibre filling and flat steel micro discs. 
  • There is a quality hangtag around his neck with a Swarovski crystal attached, and a Jenni Bears name tag sewn into his back.
  • Sewn in a smoke free household.
  • Manhattan is not a toy and is unsuitable for little people under 14.