Indy is a Matchbox Jenni and he got his name when I got an image in my mind of the real Indiana Jones when he was teaching in class. Matchbox Jenni's are small bears, bunnies, mice etc that come in their own large matchbox with a mattress and pillow in the same material as their inner ears.  They will all have waistcoats and may have bow ties.


  • 5.5"/14cm when sitting down (Approximately) - measured to the top of his ears.
  • Made from purple viscose material 
  • Inner ears from a pale lilac with purple and blue flowers 100% cotton fabric
  • 1 cotter pin joint in the head and button jointed arms and legs.
  • Shiny black glass eyes and nose.
  • Needle sculpted face.
  • Hand embroidered mouth in black cotton.
  • Black felt waistcoat and a tartan bow tie.
  • Mattress and pillow sewn in the same material as the inner ears.
  • Filled with heavy polyester fibre filling and flat steel micro discs.
  • There is a quality hangtag around his neck with a Swarovski crystal attached, and a Jenni Bears name tag sewn into his back.
  • Sewn in a smoke free household.
  • Red heart button sewn into his ear. 
  • Indy is not a toy and is unsuitable for little people under 14