This is the boring bit about me and mine and how I started bearmaking. Feel free to skip it ........ I won't be offended.

We've been told that people going onto the Bear websites like to know something about the bear makers (I know the correct word is "artist" but it does sound a little bit too pretentious for me!) so here we go. Oh yes - don't look for a picture of me, I'm one of those people that don't 'do' photos of themselves - so you'll have to make do with my beloveds......


My name is actually Jean (Jenni is the name my Mum used when I was small) but don't worry I answer to anything!! I'm married to Pete and am owned by two gorgeous cats (not that I'm biased of course) During my time I've done all kinds of needlework from knitting thru' to patchwork, but my real love was counted cross stitch. I started doing this in the early '80's when there were no magazines or books and only about 2 specialist outlets that sold the kits. It was great to be in on a new craze at the beginning and see how it grew, unlike bear making which was well established before I joined it.

In September 2001 I decided to have a go at making a bear for my cousin's first daughter. It was made with plush and had all the safety features necessary for a child's toy and surprise surprise it actually looked like a bear! I was hooked. Needless to say Katie never got that bear.

I soon got bored with the available patterns - they weren't quite what I wanted, so I started altering them. It was a short step to drawing out my own patterns and Jenni Bears was born. We do several bear and craft shows thoughout the North West as well as having stall 133 at both Hugglets shows, so do look out for us. We have met some lovely lovely people whilst doing the shows - both fellow makers and customers. All are good fun and such nice people!

 My Helpers:  


 Pete and I have been together for what seems a lifetime (1984), He is the backbone of the business, particularly when we do the fairs. He is my roadie, he mans the stall when I go off to get inspiration (aka shopping) or go networking  (how else am I going to get the gossip?)  He also advises me on eye sizes and names. But most importantly of all, he never queries how much mohair I buy. I never need to sneak it into the house - he understands the need for variety! (Don't you think I've trained him well!!)

I am unashamedly a cat person - I love them. They are my babies and get away with everything. I can be hopping mad with them and all they have to do is give me their angelic "Who me?" look and I melt.


 Francesca was our 'mummy'. Always washing the younger cats and wanting nothing more than a body to rest her chin on. She died a month away from her 20th birthday. She was the most beautiful and idiosyncratic chocolate Burmese you are ever likely to meet and we loved her! 

The picture below happened regulalry.  Pete used to shout them all when it was time for a nap.  What's even more annoying is that they always came down!

 We became the property of two kittens in 2009.


Unfortunately we lost Saffy to a brain tumor on 31.3.12. She was an adorable little girl and we still miss her.


Toby is the baby of our house, though he isn't the youngest now. He's playful, clumsy and annoying, but then all of a sudden he needs his cuddle and the World has to stop. If you ignore him he stretches up your leg and cries! Pete says he's terrorised by his younger 'brother' but I think he quietly gives as good as he gets!  We keep telling him he's the senior cat of the family now and he should step up to the mark - he just looks at us and runs away.  I don't ever think he'll grow up!



 Kusa as we call him is a whirlwind of a Korat boy. We got him in 2012 and he's not stopped running around since.  He loves rolled up pipe cleaners and wallpaper and he's beautiful! He also likes climbing into unsuitable places!

 I can't leave without mentioning  

Shrimp  He was a tabby white rescue cat and went to sleep and didn't wake up one August afternoon in 2009. He was 14 years of age and he was my special boy.   

PS The cats are not for sale .............. though I'm open to offers on Pete (only joking ..... I think!)